Skillinator v1.3.0

Interaction Model JSON

Lambda Template

Positive News! We've recently pushed a number of updates to Skillinator based on developer feedback. Email us at if you experience any problems. is a simple tool designed to help quickly prototype Alexa skills created through the Alexa Skills Kit. Skillinator takes your interaction model JSON, and generates template javascript which you can upload into AWS Lambda. Skillinator automatically creates handlers for all your intents, and includes code to delegate back to Alexa if you are using dialog features.

Step 1 - Create Your Skill

Create or update your skill using the ASK skill builder (beta). Make sure to build any changes you make.

Step 2 - Copy the Skill Builder Interaction Model

In the skill builder (beta), click on the 'Code Editor' view in the left nav. Copy the entire model JSON, and paste it into the left hand window in skillinator, labeled 'Interaction Model JSON'. Click the 'Generate' button to generate your template lambda code.

Step 3 - Paste into AWS Lambda

Log into AWS Lambda, and past the template code into the lambda function you will use for your skill. If you are creating a new lambda, make sure to select the 'alexa-skill-kit-sdk-factskill' template (this will include the ASK SDK, which is required for the template code to work).

Step 4 - Test

Paste the ARN from your lambda function into the configuration tab in the ASK portal. Go to the test tab or use a device connected to your dev account to test the skill. You should be up and running pretty quickly. For additional tutorials on creating skills, check

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